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            中文版 ???English
            Contact person: Mr. Yang
            Power word:0571-82575126
            Hand machine:13867112030
            Contact: Miss Gan
            Power word:0571-82510530
            Hand machine:18258109568

            ?????? →"TIAN EN" of???? Thermal? Isulation???? Intrduction

            ????? ◆ Product:

            ??????????The? Thermal? Isulation?? of FRP

            ??? ?Weight:

            ???????? 1800g/m2??? 2400g/m2??? 3050g/m2 , tolerance +10%

            ??? ◆? Thickness:

            ??????????1.2mm???????? 1.5mm????????2.0mm ,??? tolerance+15

            ? ?◆ Operating Temperature:

            ????????????Between??? -50℃?to?120℃

            ? ◆ Thermal Expansion:

            ????????????2.6x10-5 cm/cm℃

            ?◆? Anti? Ultraviolet:

            ?????????? ?more than ?99%

            ◆? Warranty Period:



            ?????? TETD760,TETD750(V125),TE840,TE860,TEYX760,TEYX820,TE900,TE970,TELS850

            ??????? TELS838,TEHV470,TELS975 ect. Other profiles are avaible upon requests.


            ??????????? roof and wall of industrial workshop and warehouse

            ???????????? roof and wall of logistics centre and airport

            ???????????? roof of warehouse?

            ??????????? ighting animal and plant green house

            Copyright: Hangzhou Yan lighting tile factory ?  浙ICP備09045392號?

            Contact: Miss Gan Yang1386711203018258109568 address: Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District Lek town of Lingang Industrial Park ( Weihe bridge )

            龙8 蓝山县 郑州市 延川县 东城区 集安市 巴彦县