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            → Strength & Stiffness of FRP Daylighting Panel
            Strength refers to the maximum stress in the FRP daylighting panel being damaged by a force. Strength falls into five categories: tensile strength, bending strength, compressive strength, shearing strength and tensional strength. Strength reflects fastness.
            Stiffness refers to a force for resisting deformation. Thus, the stiffness of the FRP daylighting panel can be improved by just building reinforcing ribs in some parts or building submicron fiber reinforcing ribs on the surface when the FRP is formed.
            Tests conducted by Shanghai Fiberglass Research Institute show that the cure degree of the Company’s FRP daylighting panels are more than or equal to 85 percent. Therefore, the Company's FRP daylighting panels are stiff, tough and non-brittle, and are convenient to construct and mount.

            →Temperature Influences on Strength of FRP Daylighting Panel
            Like most materials, the FRP daylighting panel also undergoes a strength decrease with temperature rise. When the temperature rises to a certain value, the strength reduces sharply. However, the FRP daylighting panel, unlike other materials, is not brittle at low temperature, as it has good low temperature performance even at -70℃. Compressive strength has a tendency to rise with temperature drop. Therefore, the FRP daylighting panel is free from aging, yellowing, cracking or softening at -95℃ to -40℃. The FRP daylighting panel has high light transmittance and refracts light in a diffusion state, so the focus and shade are eliminated and the lighting is soft and uniform. While light refracted by PC and glass is direct and thus leads to non-uniform indoor light and reduction in working efficiency.

            →Technical Standards
            In strict accordance with national standards: GB/ T14206-2005
            1, Smooth and clean appearance and no obvious air bubbles or cracks
            2, Tight fit with color steel plates, uniform section thickness, and panel texture consistent with that of steel plate
            3, No yellowing after long-term use
            4, Nailed roof installation and high toughness
            5, Overall specifications and selectable transmittance
            6, thermal expansion coefficient similar to that of steel plates and no thermal expansion and contraction-caused cracking and water leakage at nailed part
            7, Diffused refraction light and soft lighting

            I, Transport: a large number of FRP daylighting panels can be carried or transported to roofs by using a cloth sling stay bar. However, for a small number, the FRP daylighting panels can be carried independently one by one while being protected from bending deflection
            II, Stacking: stacked FRP daylighting panels should be kept from contact with the ground and stored in a well ventilated place away from direct sunlight and damp. In addition, the FRP daylighting panels should be bundled to avoid being blown away by wind.
            A protective cover should be provided for the FRP panels to protect them against rain and sunshine.
            Notes: if wetted with rain, the bundled daylighting panels should be unbundled, dried with cloth and stored in a way favorable for drying.

            roof and wall of industrial workshop and warehouse
            roof and wall of logistics centre and airport
            roof of warehouse
            Lighting animal and plant green house
            lowering construction cost of aluminum windows by using the FRP daylighting panels for wall lighting

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