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              Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), serving as a substitute for the daylighting pane, consists of high-performance film, high-quality polyester and reinforcing fiberglass. Our Company has introduced an advanced FRP panel automatic continuous production line from Britain, high-quality raw materials from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, . In addition, it adopts an edge water-free and dustless cutting technique for edge cutting,The quality of the product is more of a qualitative leap ,especially for foreign customers with high-end FRP lighting plate ,the life of up to 20 years.
              Our FRP daylighting panel is thermosetting fiberglass reinforced plastic. As a composite, it belongs to a non-uniform optical material. The diameter (8-10um) of the fiberglass is much greater than the wavelength of the visible light, and the distance between two fibers is small.   Therefore, the fiberglass conducts multiple times of scattering to change dazzling sunlight into soft light more agreeable to human eyes. As a result, workers can work indoor for a long time without eye fatigue, and energy is saved at the same time. The special UV-resistant thin film on the surface provides an UV-resist for the raw material, so the service life of the panel is prolonged considerably.

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