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            Contact person: Mr. Yang
            Power word:0571-82575126
            Hand machine:13867112030
            Contact: Miss Gan
            Power word:0571-82510530
            Hand machine:18258109568
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              HangZhou TianEn Lighting Tile Factory is located in the country town of the famous steel structure - Hangzhou Xiaoshan, its history and handicraft manufacturing of the steel industry of China’s development. With "high-quality products and perfect after-sales service", has won the support of the majority of customers, its products in major markets throughout the country and Southeast Asia, South American countries.
              Is the introduction of foreign advanced technology for the FPR plate mechanized production line, to make our products more a qualitative leap forward. Product appearance, straight and accurate cross-section size, the length of random customized, high-strength, high transmittance, in particular the use of block ultraviolet radiation on membrane technology, to extend the service life of products. Product specifications are over a hundred types of plate type, and customized according to customer special plate type, many large-scale steel structure has been designated as long-term business supplier. This product is steel plant, a large warehouse, greenhouse, country markets, stadium lighting, such as the ideal material.
              The quality of the quality of excellence, relentless spirit of innovation and integrity in business philosophy - that is TIANEN, your choice, your partner!

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            Contact: Miss Gan Yang1386711203018258109568 address: Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District Lek town of Lingang Industrial Park ( Weihe bridge )

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