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              HangZhou TianEn Lighting Tile Factory is located in the country town of the famous steel structure - Hangzhou Xiaoshan, its history and handicraft manufacturing of the steel industry of China’s development. With "high-quality products and perfect after-sales service", has won the support of the majority of customers, its products in major markets throughout the country and Southeast Asia, South American countries.
              Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), serving as a substitute for the daylighting pane, consists of high-performance film, high-quality polyester and reinforcing fiberglass. Our Company has introduced an advanced FRP panel automatic continuous production line from Britain, high-quality raw materials from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, . In addition, it adopts an edge water-free and dustless cutting technique for edge cutting,The quality of the product is more of a qualitative leap ,especially for foreign customers with high-end FRP lighting plate ,the life of up to 20 years....【more

            Copyright: Hangzhou Yan lighting tile factory ?  浙ICP備09045392號?

            Contact: Miss Gan Yang1386711203018258109568 address: Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District Lek town of Lingang Industrial Park ( Weihe bridge )

            龙8 蓬安县 温泉县 九龙城区 东兴市 乐昌市 新乡县